Want to stay in bed…

Morning came, and I had to wake up. I was actually looking forward to my lecture with a math professors from India. Not to mock peoples English accents, but when he pronounce “squared” as in the square root of something it’s comes out as “squirt”. This cracks me up!

Was not sure that I would get to class today as when I woke up and looked at the thermometer I was greeted with this:

Minus 30

-29 degrees centigrad, and I had a strong urge to just go back to bed!

Anyhew… I got dressed and went to the lecture, as was quite short because that he needed to go over something from last lecture in the beginning which doesn’t apply to me.

On my way home I went into the LuleBo local office and ordered me some new floor in my entrance hallway. It’s currently a 20 year old rubber mat, but will in a few weeks become a linoleum mat. Now all I have “left” to do is new wallpaper for the hallway and putting tiles behind the sink. This I will probably have to do myself as the special funds that exists for my apartment are quite empty.