What good is a camera…

Found myself to have that kind of an strange day. First of all, I went to bed at 03:30 on Wensday morning (about 24 hours ago…), and woke up at 08:00 totally ready for a new day. So as usual it’s the morning news of the web, although  I need to find some better news to read except for the semi tabloids in both real life and in computers. Then I had lunch at 12, and made scones for a “breakfast” at 17 just to fall asleep 10 minutes afterwards. So basicly I had a total backwards day.

Other things I have done today. Well correcting lab reports and sitting around thinking about how something that’s 100 % magnetite can become 85% magnetite and 15% “nothing”. Sometimes I’m amazed how people don’t check and recheck their numbers, but one should not throw stones in glass buildings. I have had one or two of these “brain fart” calculations before (1+1=3) on many occasions. Well tonight I’m done with all but one, and that one needs to be corrected before bedtime.

Also today I “remembered” that number of photos I take with my camera is rather low, and this have to change. Somehow I have to bring it with me more, but that’s not easy for me as I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached.