Damnit, you bad documentation!!!

I’m a bit upset… just a teensy weensy bit upset.

Why is there that there can’t be any good documentation for that a tracker should respond and in exactly what format. Have been going nuts these last hours, so I finally started to sniff the network traffic going in and out of my computer. All this work, but atleast now I know how a “normal” response from a tracker should look like. For those interested here is the layout

'interval' => 1800, // announce interval in seconds
'peers' => array(
'ip' => '', // the IP of a peer
'peer id' => '-UT1610-....................', // the peer id (torrent program generates this, . = random value)
'port' => 12345 // the port this peer is listening to
'ip' => '',
'peer id' => '-AZ2500-....................',
'port' => 54321

Now that wasn’t so hard, WAS IT????

(and then you of course bencode it to a single string…)

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