Sunday finally.

Today, I have had a good sunday. It was quite some time ago since I had one of these. Me and one of my best friends Stina went to Wayne’s Coffe and talked about nothing important for 1,5 hours. Also another one of my friends if flying back to Luleå  for a week long visit.  Will be fun to have the “old gang of 3 back” together. The “Gang” is

  • Stina the Cat
  • Ewe the Frog
  • Linus the Bear (me…)

Hopefully the packages my father sent me about 2 weeks ago will arrive this week, so we can play all the board games that I “rescued” from my parents collection.

I was shown a link (  and man! What a sweet setup. Suddenly I feel the urge to go out and buy some more computer equipment, though I have no money to pay for it… I just have to settle down and enjoy the dual screen that I do have.

Well, back to correcting lab reports.