Long time no blogging…

So it’s has been some time now between blogposts.

This week has ben quite a buissy one, with a mineral technical conferance tusday and wensday including a banquette. For future reference on these thing, event if it’s free booze it’s not mandatory to drink it. A lesson I don’t get, eventhough I have had many oppertunities to remember it. The conferance was the last one in one of the old professor of the mineral department. Prof. Erik Forssberg is retireing and I wish I had just a small fraction of his knowledge about mineral processing then I would quadruple my current knowledge about mineral processing.

As usual every time I get close to a few hundred new people, I get sick afterwards. This happens every time!!! I’m quite sick of being sick…

My first lab reports to correct have been handed to me, and I have some big problems keeping the “evil gene” in check. Hopefully they won’t think I’m to hard on them, but it’s a wakeup call for me as to the knowledge I do posses.

Also I have started a new department (to affiliated to any university yet), it’s the:

Department of insane application of technology and doubius research

Current employee’s so far is me as head of department. First order of buissnes is to hire a secretary, as all departments need this. To apply just post a comment 😉

Currently I don’t have a logo or buissnes  cards, but all in due time.

Now it’s time to get some tea and slip into the foggy sleep that will be interrupted at 06:30 tomorrow for me to do some laundry…