New places…

Well. The week is over and depending how you count the shift of the days between Saturday /Sunday, I’m writing this on a Saturday. It’s not Sunday until you have gone to bed, and woken up somewhat relaxed (nightly toilet breaks do not count).

Me and a friend went to see the new student pub tonight, and it was a strange experience. The pub / nightclub looks like a school cafeteria, with two bars in the distant and some tables in-between. I took some pictures, but not that great that I want to upload them. Will have to go back there during the day to take some good shots.

Some statistic:

  • Time to wait in line for me: 2 minutes
  • Time to wait in line for students: 45min -> 1 hour (it’s good to be a VIP)
  • Time before a table broke: 2,5 hours.
  • Number of fire alarms that works: 0 (somewhat of a problem I think…)
  • People I recognize: 20 (out of 800, is this what it’s like to be getting old???)

Also I have booked me a flight away from here to visit a friend in Norrtälje ( X km north of Stockholm). I usually think Norrköping, but that’s just wrong… So for the 17:th to the 23:rd of March I’m having a vacation! It’s going to be nice to be able to spend some time someplace that’s not here.

Tomorrow (today according to the time stamp on this post), I will start the day at 7am (07:00) with some laundry, then at least 2 hours at the gym. Some sleep and at 11pm (23:00) I will go to one of my friends flat and watch the “unknown number” Super bowl. I will have to learn some rules for American football before that so I know what is happening.