Damn it jim, I can’t do it…

Today was the first time I was to the gym, with my newly paid for membership. It was a painful experience to say the least. I rode a bike for 20 km (exersize bike) and at the end of 40 minutes of cycling my legs hurt like hell, though not at much as my ass. Those bike seats are really uncomfortable, and I will have to bring a small towel or something to get a softer seat. It may however also be my fat ass that gives that “high pressure” from the seat, but that is a road better not taken.

Also I have started to hate my browser for the latest 2-3 days now. Unexplainable errors, arrow keys not wanting to move in text fields, Ctrl + C that doesn’t work, USB storage devices that hinder the boot of my comp. The list goes on. I can’t wait until Microsofts new Laser Desktop 8000 comes on the scene. Say what you like about some of their software, but their hardware is always something that is good in my book. I’m writing this on a old Natural Keyboard Pro, and it’s way better than anything else I have tried. And for those wondering, it’s a “ergonomic” keyboard.

On monday I will start the first of 14-16 lab classes this semester. I’m a bit nervous, but as my professors said “let them squirm a little before you help them out”. This has my evil gene going crazy… I’m gona’ make them squirm like nothing they have ever seen before.