It’s cold outside!

So the current temperature here at the moment is -26.1 C, and I don’t want to go outside. However since that not possible, as the lab prep work has to be done today.

I was at Luleå City’s new library yesterday. I was quite nice, but my first thought was what a waste of space… It’s huge and all the space will probably be filled up within a few years, but currently it’s echoing a lot there. The house by itself looks pretty nice from the outside, and it’s not to shabby on the inside. They have however found a couple of errors, like that it’s almost inaccessible to people in wheelchairs. Give it to politicians and crazy architects to build something for about 300 million SEK (aprox €35 million), that doesn’t pass the basic requirements set by law…..

Today is the first day of my more healthy life. Tonight I’m going to get a Gold card for our local student gym. Got to get in shape for Beach 2007, and hopefully get bellow the magical 100kg limit(the deci-ton club). More on my progress to a lighter life to come.