Home, somewhat sweet home

Well. It seems that I got out of luleå just in the nick of time.. All flights were delays from mid day the same day as I flew home. It would have been bad if I hadn’t got out by 0600.

One surprise is that SAS has started to serve food again for free. All thou it’s still the same crappy food that gives you a rather upset stomage. I had a perfect song on my mp3 player for the second part of my flight with about 150-thousand upset children: Arrogant Worms – Worst seat on the plane….

I was on a look and see tour yesterday afternoon, to see what the difference is with my home town. And all I can say is: what??? Almost nothing has changed, except that my hometown of Simrishamn has hired some of th most colorblind and high as a kite architectures there is. A few new buildings and some recoloring, and it looks like a bad acid trip. Suddenly I’m glad that I live in a tall building build in the 1970 with gray concrete.

Also our family cat has found my clothes to be an excellent place to sleep, so there is cat hair everywhere!! Remind me again why I moved….. Picture of the cat is forthcoming….