Killing spree

Somehow every source code that I have looked at lately is either totally crap in coding standards, or has some major problems with running without filling the logs!! If I find out who wrote the code, I will kill him/her/it!!

Now that it has been vented, we can move along with other things. School is almost over for this year, just a few assignments to correct and I can “relax” for the holidays. By relaxing I mean that I will be studying the integral parts of metal casting and non ferrous metallurgy. Which I actually like!!! I can feel my master thesis closing in on me.

Other then that, I’m coding,coding,coding to hopefully have a completely rewritten codebase for a special project that doesn’t fill my webserver logs, as it currently does.

Also I created a logo for this site, unfortunately the current template doesn’t allow for a top logo, but that will have to change…

New site logo