WordPress has a problem

So. In 41 days WordPress software has gone through a total of 3 updated, whereof two are security updates due to one cracker and one mistake. This may be a good time to wait to update my installation and hopefully the developers of WP2.2 will adhere to the requests of the users with a automatic update function.

On the other side of the wormhole of reason, I have started to re:watch Star Trek – Voyager. It’s quite hard to get into the mental place to view episodes when you know what’s going to happen. I have been skipping through episodes at a random order, but I will have to redo this in the correct order.

Also yesterday I made a small magic trick. Default installation of MySQL through atp-get makes a 300 MB footprint on the system, when compiled and optimized by me it makes a 30 MB footprint… That’s quite an impressive deflation by my accounts.

Love-Hate relationship

So I have a small love / hate relationship with Ubuntu Linux. On one had it was easy to install and included all teh importat parts (64 bit system, SATA controllers, FakeRAID system, SMP kernel), and the server installation is just that, a pure server installation. No extra bling bling’s to speak of (it didn’t even have a sendmail installation). That the love part…

The hate part is the imposibility to add libraries with apt-get, and get the correct ones. Tried to install the MySQL .deb package and that went well, but then try to compile PHP against that installation. Half of the files is located in different .deb packages and there seems to be no order in which package whick file exists. Just try to find the mysql_config file (required for mysqli support). I gave up after one hour of installing dev packages and whatnots.

But I have the server online at least and there are still a few minor additions that need to be made, but that has to wait untill after my midterm finals.

For now it’s time for complex numbers, differental equations and integrals.


I have managed to install Ubuntu Linux on the new server with 2 RAID 1 coupled SATA hard drives. Had to rerun the installation about 4-5 times before I got it working and the Ubuntu installation CD (AMD64-Server version) has a precompiled SMP kernel. So now the server running at max efficiancy.

Now the larger task is at hand. The installation of the basic software and securing the server as such with firewall, tcp wrappers and chroot jails. As I’m working with a completely new distribution not all files are where I would like them to be. So another learning curve ahead!

It’s an early bedtime today as I have a rather long day planned tomorrow with calculus, lecture and shopping for books.

Batter up!

…and I’ll knock this one out of the park. Last laboratory slot today, and then I’m done with these. Just a few lab reports to correct…

I don’t consider myself to be verry educated in how people behave and their subcontius actions when asked a difficult question. I have however observed during these laboratory exercises that I can easly spot a person who have read /not read the laboration manual before the lab, understood it or just generally interested in the lab as such. So here is my warning to all of you who just “ride along” with your friends:

The ones running the laboratory can easily spot how well read you are, and you can not hide from us!

In other news, I’m thinking of prebooking a Nintendo Wii tonight, as my paycheck for the assistant work on the laborations will arrive in about a month. As there usually is a 2 month “waiting period” for these consoles it would hopefully arrive in the end of april.

Today’s “revelation”: If you buy a cheep computer case, you get a cheep, crocked, items missing type of case. (this was a 01 am revelation!)

All work and no play

So this week so far has brought a lot of work and not much play. It’s been labs, math lectures (with Prof. X Squirt), correcting lab reports, building a new server and somewhere in there I slept some.

Tomorrow is my last lab with a group from LKAB, and then it’s just correcting lab reports. As of this writing there are only 6 reports left, and hopefully I will have at least 4 of them this weekend. Then it’s really time to concentrate on my exams. Feel that I’m a bit behind on these and have to pus some serious time into the math final this weekend.

Other then that, I’m currently looking forward to my stockholm trip in 2½ weeks. There is one visit to Metso Minerals planned, but the one thing I’m looking forward to the most is spending time with C, who I’m visiting.

Also. Tonight I was a baaad boy. On the new server I need to run a kernel with at least 2.6.18, and the only distribution that runs a kernel that new is Ubuntu. So I abandoned my principals of only running Slackware Linux and downloaded and installed Ubuntu. So far the RAID1 volume was created successfuly and the system installed. However the system automagicaly chose the wrong kernel and I have to re:run the installer in expert mode to be able to choose a better kernel. That will be something that I have to do at a later date…

The most mortifying part of this all is that the server has more processing power than my desktop computer, which is only a ½ year old.  Will have to do something about that in the future.

The yearly large booksale has started here in Sweden, and on Friday I’m  going to town to see if I can find some books that will last the entire next year. I don’t read very fast and 5-6 books per year is usually enough. Last year however it only took 6 months for me to read the books that I bought. So I will probably increase the numbers of books bought this year.


Slow day, today.

Woke up and couldn’t wait to go to back sleep… I should have done some math today, but all I have done today is to lay on the sofa and shift in and out of consciousness. It feels like I’m about to get sick, so that’s a positive feeling…

About noon today it started to snow, and snow and snow. It snowed for about 6 hours and in that time we had about 20-30 cm. of snow fall down. I like it when it snows, and the aftermath of being able to go outside and just lay down in the snow. Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow and then there will be a walk to the gym (to lazy today….)

Upcoming comedian…

Browsing a bit on YouTube, and saw that one of my favorite new comedians Rob Paravonian had added a new video to his collection. My personal favourite is his “Friends theme” analisys.

Here is his newest addition:

Want to stay in bed…

Morning came, and I had to wake up. I was actually looking forward to my lecture with a math professors from India. Not to mock peoples English accents, but when he pronounce “squared” as in the square root of something it’s comes out as “squirt”. This cracks me up!

Was not sure that I would get to class today as when I woke up and looked at the thermometer I was greeted with this:

Minus 30

-29 degrees centigrad, and I had a strong urge to just go back to bed!

Anyhew… I got dressed and went to the lecture, as was quite short because that he needed to go over something from last lecture in the beginning which doesn’t apply to me.

On my way home I went into the LuleBo local office and ordered me some new floor in my entrance hallway. It’s currently a 20 year old rubber mat, but will in a few weeks become a linoleum mat. Now all I have “left” to do is new wallpaper for the hallway and putting tiles behind the sink. This I will probably have to do myself as the special funds that exists for my apartment are quite empty.

Someone’s mad at me…

…and that someone is my stomage…

Had a good day planned, some light reading, the gym, calm lunch, relaxing at the lab(it’s currently a rather easy lab), come home and eat a nice dinner and go to sleep. Well “the plan” was fucked up right after the gym. Got my timetable all fucked up by lunch.

At 13:05 my college while doing the labs calls me and says that I have a group at the lab waiting for me. After some confusion it was determined that it was my fault, that I had booked the lab time from 14:45 in my calendar, but the real time it started was 13:00. To make things worse (this is why the day got fucked up), I had just come home from a 2 hour workout at the gym and was quite hungry. I got the call about 5 seconds before I put the chicken in the pan, and pored preboild water onto the rice. Every thing was nice and hot, and I have to stop because of this. Nothing to be done just throw on the old workclothes and run to the lab, hungry as a hyena.

Started the lab, and got when we got a few minutes of I ran to the coffee mashine and got some black coffee. This turned down my hunger for the moment, but just untill I could manage to get home and almost swallow a banana whole.

Got some food (the prep work from my nonexistent lunch was still in the fridge), reboiled the water and put some heat on the skillet, and my lunner (lunch + dinner) was ready 30 minutes later. Now the coffee is making it’s way in all directions in my body and I spend the next 1 hour running to the bathroom.

So by the time I’m writing this, I’m kinda miffed. A well planned day all gone to waste!

Got a lecture at 08 tomorrow, so now it’s time for bed. Hopefully nothing will happen between now and lunch tomorrow to screw that day up…

Full docket today.

Well, today is a full docket with tasks to perform. There is the gym, the return of corrected lab reports, another 4 hours at the lab, and some notes for my math lecture on friday morning that has to be processed.

One thing today, is that I will be taking my camera with me to the lab so in case there is a “Kodak” moment, it will be caught on “film” (it’s a digital camera, what other word would you use???)

Soon it’s time for exams(3 weeks) and I have to start to get my act together. This weekend will be spend doing math and other math like tasks.

Also, I hate mornings. (no facts, just a declaration)

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