So here I am…

Sorry that I didn’t post as I should have, but a update to a plugin in wordpress late last night didn’t go very well, and I was unable to post (javascript errors…). Now that’s fixed and I’m happy to do some more posting.

As of this post, I’m removing the “posting with password” as it’s more of a hassle than it’s worth. In a day or two I will post some screen shots from the dev site on the forum(Allience), with explanations to what is new and might be confusing…

As stated the RSS feed is done, download script with security created for both browser download and RSS download (though RSS download hasn’t been tested just yet….)

I had to design the peers database yesterday on a whim, which I didn’t want to do just then as I want to study the BT protocol. So it’s a simple transfer from RARPv1 to RARPv2.

So the items that are left to do:

  • announce/scrape script
  • Reverify the peers database
  • Build a peer_id database (with the clients,version numbers and whatnot’s)
  • Extend the “view” part to include viewing the files,nfo and peers
  • Testing all RSS feeds
  • create porting scripts

So to sum up what’s new in v2

  • RSS feed for filtered and unfiltered downloads or view links
  • Nuke capability. A owner,administrator or siteop can mark a torrent for deletion (nuke) if there is a proper or double post. It will then be deleted through a cronscript after at least beeing nuked for 24 hours. This way it can be replied to torrent software that this is about to be deleted and not make the software stand with the error: torrent not registered
  • Two view’s of the listings. One with category images and one without
  • Brand spanking new category system and filter creations

With this the weekend of coding is over, and were back to normal coding (after work etc…)

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Protected: Back in action

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Protected: Threading the needle

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Protected: Performance enhancers

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Protected: A new server is needed

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Protected: Not much to say

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In the middle of nowhere…

To paraphrase: It’s been swell, but the swelling is gone. This week has been a non stop buffet of puzzles for the brain, where one of the larger were how to get my freakin’ Cyrus-IMAP/Sendmail server going. It’s has been a struggle from the very beginning and about 2 minutes ago I solved it! It’s a nice feeling, but there is probably a lot to look out for in the mail logs.

To sum this week up so far:

  • Monday: late laboratory untill 19:15. 19:30 throw myself into a taxi to go to Bishops Arms in downtown Luleå. There meet up with two of my closes friends for dinner and have a beer or two. 23:00 realize that I’m drunk on a monday…
  • Tuesday:  A disoriented lab, and some generally confused statments…
  • Wensday: A “name of the day”-dinner in my honnor. As this Wensday was valentines day, and my full name is Linus Sebastian Valentin Lejon Isaksson this had to be celebrated. A nice dinner with my friend Ewe and her friend Milla (Mikka on the T9 sms).
  • Thursday, early lab and then batteling it out with Sendmail. Spent the entire day on the console….

So that’s my week so far. Need to get some sleep soon as I have another early lab tomorrow, and this time we can do the analysis of the material as the equipment is complete again.

Sunday finally.

Today, I have had a good sunday. It was quite some time ago since I had one of these. Me and one of my best friends Stina went to Wayne’s Coffe and talked about nothing important for 1,5 hours. Also another one of my friends if flying back to Luleå  for a week long visit.  Will be fun to have the “old gang of 3 back” together. The “Gang” is

  • Stina the Cat
  • Ewe the Frog
  • Linus the Bear (me…)

Hopefully the packages my father sent me about 2 weeks ago will arrive this week, so we can play all the board games that I “rescued” from my parents collection.

I was shown a link (  and man! What a sweet setup. Suddenly I feel the urge to go out and buy some more computer equipment, though I have no money to pay for it… I just have to settle down and enjoy the dual screen that I do have.

Well, back to correcting lab reports.

Long time no blogging…

So it’s has been some time now between blogposts.

This week has ben quite a buissy one, with a mineral technical conferance tusday and wensday including a banquette. For future reference on these thing, event if it’s free booze it’s not mandatory to drink it. A lesson I don’t get, eventhough I have had many oppertunities to remember it. The conferance was the last one in one of the old professor of the mineral department. Prof. Erik Forssberg is retireing and I wish I had just a small fraction of his knowledge about mineral processing then I would quadruple my current knowledge about mineral processing.

As usual every time I get close to a few hundred new people, I get sick afterwards. This happens every time!!! I’m quite sick of being sick…

My first lab reports to correct have been handed to me, and I have some big problems keeping the “evil gene” in check. Hopefully they won’t think I’m to hard on them, but it’s a wakeup call for me as to the knowledge I do posses.

Also I have started a new department (to affiliated to any university yet), it’s the:

Department of insane application of technology and doubius research

Current employee’s so far is me as head of department. First order of buissnes is to hire a secretary, as all departments need this. To apply just post a comment 😉

Currently I don’t have a logo or buissnes  cards, but all in due time.

Now it’s time to get some tea and slip into the foggy sleep that will be interrupted at 06:30 tomorrow for me to do some laundry…

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