Another dealine is closing in on me. Tomorrow is a seminar, and I have just started to read the two articles that will be on the seminar. Not that ethics discussions as such are boring, but reading about ethics is really boring. I will however somehow finish this seminar and continue on the path to my research trainee slot.

On that note. I got the email today about my research trainee interview, and it’s go for monday. It’s just going to be my/the tutor, so I don’t see what new information will be coming up. We have already talked about career opportunities here at LTU, and if I get this trainee thing then I will stay. Got a real taste for teaching last period, and I kinda want to go back to that. I will probably make a blog post here in 20 years time, and then I’v been teaching at LTU for many many years….

On a side note, the weather is now very nice. Was outside for almost 2 hours walking with a friend. The fresh air, the feeling of spring and good company. It doesn’t get any better then that! I’m kinda already exited for when it’s warm enough to take a bath at the beach.

Well enough with the dreaming of the warm summer and back to the articles.

Bad day in action.

It’s friday the 13th today. Not that I’m superstitious, but it’s more of a fact. Some people will probably avoid lot’s and lot’s of things today. For me it’s just like any other day. Get out of bed, some breakfast, work on the computer at home, lunch, some more work, go insane and dinner. That’s every day for me.

There are some spots to this. I need to collect information on my essay, that will be about camera surveillance in public places like nightclubs and social office. Not that hard, but I need to find some references, somewhere.

Sleeping sickness.

That is what I have, or at least what I want to have. I’m not sleeping during the night and tired as hell during the day. I have somewhat deduced that I have had this “condition” since sunday. Probably got it from my friend as she couldn’t stop yawning when she was here. Or I’m just boring… (let’s hope not).

Today I passed another quiz in the course The Universe for curious people and I now have 10p out of the required 21 to pass the course. Maximum is 35, but that still only gives you a 3 (pass) on this course. To get a higher grade there has to be an essay, which I’m not planning on doing.

Something strange has happened in the world. Was out celebrating my passed exams yesterday with some shopping and was in Cubus to look at the clothes they have. In 99% of the cases that I find something, there isn’t one in my size (need XXL for the shoulders…). But yesterday I found 2 t-shirts that I like, and in my size!!! So counting the trip to stockholm where some other t-shirts was purchased I now have 7 t-shirts from a store that seldom have my size in stock. Finally I can rotate some of the more “worn” shirts out of circulation.

It’s party time…

You might be a bit miffed that I’m having a party in the start of the week. The thing is that I found out today that I passed two exams, one being the dreadful last math exam. As of this day, I’m done with all the 21 points math that I need for my Masters. Now it’s just the rest of the old exams to do..

Also as the adrenalin was flying through my head, I went shopping. Got myself a good book(Värsta Pappan), and two new t-shirts. Some days everything just goes as planned.

Now It’s relaxing and waiting for the TV repair man to get back from his holiday on the 16th, and then I can get it repaired. Life is good…..

The long weekend is almost over!

And where did all that free time go? Not towards anything useful directly. Did some coding, some reading and I’m currently using 4 washers to clean most of my stuff. Other then that, nada, zip, not one thing. An the irony is that I still have about 40 pages to read from a compendium and before tomorrow I have to decide what my small essay in Ethics is going to be about. So it’s a standard Linus pile of stuff to do on the last day…

I had however a great time yesterday. Had a friend over for some dinner, and man did we talk and talk and talk. It was a close call, but both of our ears is still attached to our heads 🙂

Also, today is the day. I will finally post my ad to to sell all my excess furniture. There is a kitchen table with 4 chairs, a largish bookcase and some carpets. Things has go to go! It’s spring cleaning time!

Sunday and relaxing

It’s another sunday, and soon the Formula 1 race in Malaysia, is about to start. And here I am, without a TV. Didn’t thing that I was using the TV as much, but when it’s broken you finally know how much you are using a specific item.

Got some good piece of coding done yesterday, although I have one or two passages that I’m not very proud of. It has to do with authentication and how the storage of auth credentials is done. Well that has to be one for the 2.1 version. On the bright side the is a new Doctor Who out this morning, so I’m currently a very happy little boy.

Also, in case you might think you are gay. Here is how you test that theory: ClickMe!

Mission (non-)Impossible

So my aching is a lot better today, I’m however high on drugs so what do I know…

My mission for today that I have accepted is to finish the damn announce script for the tracker software. This has been lying still now for about one week, and I want to get it done. Also the new server is making some noise as it has effective, but small fans…

So today I’ll be hurting emacs just for the fun of it, and make it squirm like no software has ever squirmed before!

The sweet smell of success…

I did it! It was a long ordeal but after some planning and a good backup team it’s done. Halfway through I thought that I was going to fail, but in the end, mind over matter works!

What I’m talking about is my easter egg, and the 2kg of candy that I bought for it. So here is a picture of my sweet success

Easter candy 2007

Damn you spare time

Always when I have some spare time, I get sick somehow. This time it’s the muscle soars all over my neck and arms. I’m moving about as a zombie from a late 40’s horror film. Every move you make is somehow hindered by the fact that it’s painful. I know that going to the gym might hurt, but this is insane. It’s the second day in a row that I’m in pain from a single workout session. O.K. That’s enough whining for now.

Got to buy my easter candy yesterday, and it totalled up to 2kg. That’s all the candy that I will need / want to eat until Christmas. The medium to large easter egg that I bought is filled to the brim with candy, and I haven’t managed to put everything in yet!

Also I’m having one of my more “personal” pleasure, to tickle me new. I have somehow acquired all three Blur Collar Comedy Tour films and these are hilarious! If your not familiar with Blue collar it’s four stand up comedians (Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White and Larry the Cableguy) that do 1½ hours stand up comedy show about the absudities in life. Generally focused around their family.

For a sneak peak into the first film look here.

Also they star in some comedy films, and this is one that will premier in May. It’s Delta Farce.

So I’m going to enjoy more of my guilty pleasures, and not move my soar body.

Off with their heads!

…or at least mine. Got a soar muscle this morning, and not in the arms that I expected it to be in. I got a soar neck muscle. You know the ones that lets you move your head around, or in my case the muscles that hinder my air filled head to float away. It was so bad that I had to lift my head with my hands just to get out of bed. So over the course of only a few hours, I’m now on my second treatment of liniment on the muscle and it’s still soar as hell. Can barely move my head around. I look like something of an old cinema robot. Static moves.

Today is also the first small quiz in a popularscience cours called The universe for the curius. It’s a fun approach to for non physics students to have a look at all the rules in physics. It’s quite entertaining, and the lecturer is a very funny man. So today I will see how well versed I’m with the basic of physics…

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