That’s it, I’m going honest…

Tonight my TV took it’s last breath of good viewing, and just gave up. Or more to the point, I gave up on it. The picture is now blue/white tinted (no red and very little green color), and in 50 percent of the time there is no picture, only white lines across the screen. I talked earlier today with a repair man, and he thought it was a high capacity transformer that was going bonkers. The cost for this repair?? a diffuse “more than 1500SEK” answer. So now I’m officially without a TV. Strange feeling, even though I don’t watch anything regularly.

Will have to wait until this fall when I hopefully have a lot of cash to burn from my summer jobb, but as of this writing I’m not sure that I have one. But here is for hoping.

Tonight will anyhew be about a personal letter that I have to finish by tomorrow and hand it in on Friday. Also an exercise for this evening is the movement of my development environment to the new server. First is the database about to move and later the whole emacs / syntax setup. oh well, here goes nothing!

What ethics???

I have signed up for a ethics course (technology & ethics), and with the first lecture yesterday I found out that I was the only student on that course. I will be taken in parallel with the “pure” ethics course and some philosophy students basic course. And after this “introduction” by the teacher, all I have to do this period is a essay on 4-6 A4 pages, 1 seminar and 5 classes. I have a feeling that either will this be an easy course or it’s going to be to much.

Weather is still great with temperatures about +10C, and here I am, chained to the computer for assignments,  reading texts online and just generally need to watch my email inbox. This weekend will be a “non working” weekend. I will go outside and enjoy the weather!! (that I have proclaimed ;))

Also I’m in the process of “porting” a server to a new one, and that’s a whole issue by itself. Syncing databases, moving all development tools, moving the subversion repository and making sure that everything is compiled and fully functional. Somehow one always forget how much work it is to move an entire setup from one computer to another, but I’m hopefull on this one as I completed much of the work about one month ago.

I like it warm

This day is a large improvement over yesterday. Remembered where I had put the hooks, and fetched them quickly. So now my tea corner in my kitchen is complete, and boy do it look nice.

Enjoyed the spring weather this day and was outside for quite some time. And the optimist that I am about warm weather, I went outside without a coat on. Sure it’s nice when there is no wind, the sun touches you face and it’s +10C, but then there is a gush of wind and it gets a little bit colder. So that lesson is learned again (with a bit of a cold), use a coat on until there is no more snow on the ground.

I’m in some kind of a quasi state at the moment, and I have things that need to get done, but at the same time I have about 2 months of “free” usage of my time. I feel that I need some kind of structure to what I’m going to do, so here comes the lists (and I haven’t bought my whiteboard yet either).

Behind these hazel eyes…

Weird day, this is… Finally mounted a bar in my kitchen for hanging random stuff on and when I’m done I can’t find the hooks for the bar. They have gone missing, bigtime!!!

When this happens I think of one of my favourite quotes:

Don’t take life too seriously; you’ll never get out of it alive.

Allthou I need to take life seriously right now, I don’t want to. To once again have the freedom of a summer vacation when you were 10 years old and the most pressing problem you had was how to get candy and at what time to go to the beach. I miss those times on days like this when everything goes bad and you just want to start the day over. If you haven’t guessed it already today is a bad day for me. When one gets depressed like this there isn’t much to do about it, just work through the pain.

I have some more cleaning up to do, just have to put on some music and make this day go away fast!

Let’s start life up again

A new day, new courses to pass, more decorating for my apartment to do. Yesterday felt like If it was physically possible I would have been in two places at the same time. I got most of the things done yesterday that I wanted but I still missed a few. That’s what’s this day is for.

Yesterday was all about unpacking and setting things in order for game night with a few of my friends. I have a few boardgames that needed to be tested. It started however with a Taco dinner, which was consumed rather fast (everybody seemed to be hungry) and later a desert of chocolate pudding. Also there was some alcohol involved, not much but some.  Anders had brought a home made port wine(not made by him though) and it was exelent! We contemplated on how often you actually drink port or any other “after dinner drink” during the year, and it’s not many….

So game night was a success and we played a total of three games: The REAL ghostbusters, Stop Thief and Tyst i Klassen. Somehow I got caught  cheating more than any other student and lost the overall score. Pictures will be posted once I manage to connect my camera to the computer.

The next couple of days will be to compile and submit a résumé for application to the Research Trainee program here at the university. It’s seems that I might be getting a doctorate… Hopefully my application will be granted, as this has become something that I really want to do.

Back from the dead

Just got of the bus. Man what mileage I have been doing for the last week. Approx 1000 km by bus and two flight’s round trip Luleå -> Stockholm.

I can verify that the apartment is still standing tall and not burned down to the ground. Stockholm was nice and I actually found some clothes to buy, so if my mind isn’t to dense at the moment this is my first official shopping trip to Stockholm. Found a lot of other things to that I wanted to buy, but I can’t afford a truck to bring them all back to Luleå. One purchase that I did was a nice glass bottle, to be more precise a old fashioned milk bottle. So now I have to go outside to buy some milk!!!

Spring is attacking nicely and a lot of snow has smelted away. Currently it’s about +5C outside and not a cloud to be seen. Now there is a lot to get done, 1 week worth of mail (mostly bills, but that’s all the mail that I get), a few packages to fetch at the post office and somehow hijack a car to take me to Jysk and fetch the bookcase that I ordered about two weeks ago.

So for now this update is all that can post without frying my brain. keep it real! (in fantasy land)

Stick a fork in me…

…I’m done.

The week of midterms is over and I’m hopefully two exam closer to my goal. The exams went so-so, and I’m not sure that I passed. Hopefully I will at least get a pass.

The contractor that was to change the flooring in my hallway, rang yesterday at 14:00 and asked if they could come 1 hour later… Sure I said and he went to work. So today when I got home from my exam, the hallway had a brand new linoleum mat. It’s a lot nicer than the old grayish rubber mat.

My orders seems to be being processed fast these days, as one poster (Serenity) arrived yesterday and somehow fucked up, because today I go a second Serenity poster which I didn’t order… Oh well.. The fabric that I’m going to have to cover up my new whiteboard also arrived today, though I haven’t collected it yet from the post office.

Tomorrow is D-day. at 09:00 I’m leaving this place that’s thawing out like a ice cube in sahara. A 7 day vacation, with just relaxing and some shopping. Have to bring another bag, just in case 😉

Damn you, why aren’t you stupid…

The you I’m talking about is  me.  It’s very hard to study at the moment.

Most of the things that I read about, is followed by the thought I already knew that and that’s very frustrating. I have started to pour over some areas where I’m quite fluent, like grinding and separation with hydrocylcone. It’s not easy to re:read a lot of things.

On a more cheerful note.. Spring is here. The temperature outside my window is +2C and the sun is shining. The snow on the ground is slowly melting away. As much as I like the winter, summer is more of my favourite season. The ability to have your doors open and let fresh air through the apartment. The only but right now is that hopefully it won’t go bellow zero again and freeze the smelted water into a thick icy crust, which makes just walking to the supermarket an adventure without a known ending.

Also a grand scheme of plans is in the works for the summer, more on that later once it’s more than a loose thought…

Hello, It’s my ADD day today…

Woke up this morning and felt totally ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Could not concentrate on one thing for more than maybe 5 minutes.  It went from take a shower, start the water cooker, dry of from the shower, start the computer, look at new mail, shave and so on for about 2 hours!!!

I manage to pull myself together for the math final at 09:00, but just barely. After 2½ hours I was finished with it. The teacher had made my (hopefully) last math final a horrific experience. All calculus was something about trigonometric functions, and thats one area where I totally suck!! Hopefully I will at least get a pass so I can finally put the course behind me.

When I got home, the ADD  that I had “suppressed” during my exam reared it’s ugly head! Could not concentrate for 1 minute on one simple thing. So far I have moved about my entire flat in four different outfits (don’t ask me why), ordered on-line for about 1000 SEK, counted my change jar (why I don’t know…), deleted half of the stuff that I have downloaded over the last 3 months (why I keep storing pictures and links are beyond me).

So all in all, I think the entire day will continue in this ADD manner 😉

Oh look, shiny object!

Math exam

So tomorrow is the D-day. My final math exam. Hopefully I’ll pass, but it’s a weird feeling. I know what an dhow to do things, but still I’m a bit insecure. Hopefully that will pass with some sleep.

After tomorrow it’s all about my next exam on Friday in Physical Separation Processes, and then it’s vacation baby!!!

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