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Poetry in motion…

I have had a lot of questions about an N/A message that I have used on ICQ and MSN, and people are asking where it came from. I would like to share that passage with you all. I walk among the living, though I’m not alive. Neither am I dead, as the days goes by. …

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Damn it jim, I can’t do it…

Today was the first time I was to the gym, with my newly paid for membership. It was a painful experience to say the least. I rode a bike for 20 km (exersize bike) and at the end of 40 minutes of cycling my legs hurt like hell, though not at much as my ass. …

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Some more test

Testing if it works better now

Bad update

Updated to the latest version of WordPress (2.1) and it has screwed up a lot of small and annoying things. Will have to make a longer post once I get things sorted… Trying things out

Protected: Future

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It’s cold outside!

So the current temperature here at the moment is -26.1 C, and I don’t want to go outside. However since that not possible, as the lab prep work has to be done today. I was at Luleå City’s new library yesterday. I was quite nice, but my first thought was what a waste of space… …

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Weekly update

So, no posting for some time now…. we just have to change that part. Lately I have been so busy that I think I’m going insane. Started two new courses (programming C# and VB.NET), and I’m going to retake 2 courses. Also I’m going to be a lab instructor in the basic course in Mineral …

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Protected: Resuming normal operations

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The world is turned upside down

ok. First of all. I’m happy but still confused. One of the most difficult courses in my education, and this happens. I get a grade of 5 (5 out of 5). The course is Simulation of Mineral processes, and it is exactly as difficult as it sounds. Also this is my first maximum grade ever!!! …

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Massive upload to gallery

I have just made a massive upload of pictures to my gallery. And there is still a lot of pictures to go through, but it’s coming. If you feel like it juts browse it, link is at the top. At the moment my brain is totally messed up, in my studies. I just hate math …

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