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Emerging new browse page

Got some serious inspiration last night, about the browse page. Fetched a paper and started to draw like crazy not to forget all things. It’s not a major overhaul, but it gets the job done. The main “problem” has been that I wanted to get the information about what day the torrent was added to …

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Brain on vacation

Well. A bit of a no post part again… This time I do have an excuse… I’ve been busy trying to get a “small” piece of software working properly. Man have I made some mistakes in coding. Some aren’t even funny, but more tragic. It’s been an all bug no rest  48 hours, and I’m …

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The investigaion contiunes….

So I have gone all Lois Lane/Clark Kent, and investigated this “news” and here is what I have found out. Yes, there is going to be a switch from LCNet to LUNet. When that switch may happen is seems not to be that of a solid date. Asking Lulebo/LUNet they say this summer, and asking …

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Hopping mad, LCNet is a goner!

A bit upset. A rather bland day here, not much had been done. Was looking into moving a server down to the server space at my local computer club, and got some disturbing news. As of this summer the local campus network in luleå is no more. LC-Net will disappear an and will get replaced …

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I’m a cheap drunk

Yes, I am! Proof: yesterday. Was in town for food and beer at my favourite pub Bishops Arms. Started the order with a classical queen sized burger and a pint of Erdinger. Halfway through the food I ordered my second erdinger. 10 minutes later that that pint halfway done, I feel so drunk like I …

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I feel the darkness….

Well, not that depressing but there are a lot of clouds in the sky today. Was hoping for a beautiful day like yesterday. But no luck. Hopefully it’s just a minor cloud bank. According to SMHI (Swedish Meteorological Institute) it’s going to be bellow zero centigrade on saturday morning, -3 C to be precise. Hopefully …

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One done, two to go…

That’s right. Had the interview yesterday for the trainee slot at LTU. We were two students applying for the same project. So when I left the interview with somewhat of a bad feeling. Have a lot of important exams left (missed ones), and my first thought was “I’m fucked”. But just a few hours later …

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Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

And that’s a fact! Yesterday all my TV problems was “solved”. Got the call (or more to the point, I called the repair man), and the TV couldn’t be repaired. This was not very good news, as I was missing my TV. So what to do… Go on-line and start to search for used one. …

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Another dealine is closing in on me. Tomorrow is a seminar, and I have just started to read the two articles that will be on the seminar. Not that ethics discussions as such are boring, but reading about ethics is really boring. I will however somehow finish this seminar and continue on the path to …

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Bad day in action.

It’s friday the 13th today. Not that I’m superstitious, but it’s more of a fact. Some people will probably avoid lot’s and lot’s of things today. For me it’s just like any other day. Get out of bed, some breakfast, work on the computer at home, lunch, some more work, go insane and dinner. That’s …

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