Hopefully one down…

How come writing an exam feels both good(on the off chance that you might pass) and bad(that you missed many simple questions)? Fridays exam in casting and non-ferrous metallurgy was somewhat of a brain duster for me. It was quite some time ago that I was thinking in terms of melting temperature, solution indexes, chemical reactions and so on. It’s somewhat astonishing how one can forget a lot, but at the same time feel that everything that you try to read is totally obvious. So to short this down, I’m hopeful that I now am one exam closer to my MSc.

In other news: The Swedish royal library are indexing sites and they have downloaded almost everything on my site 3 times now. So it seems that my little corner of the world on the net is going to kept safe for posterity. When my counter hits more than 1000 visits per day, then I know another version of my digital self have been archived.

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