Sorry, I’m just a guy…..

A standard excuse we men (barely in my case), can use when we either fucked something up or did something that doesn’t agree with everyone. Quite handy actually. We need something like that. Women have both “PMS” and “Bad hair day”, how someone could blame something they did on their hair I don’t quite follow. To quote one of my favourite comedians: “We men can’t have a bad wiener day“…

Currently what’s done is that I(and by that mean my computer) has fucked up my entire ICQ list. It’s gone, went kablouie, really FUBAR:ed by my trusty Miranda. So I have to both find my old contacts and re:add them to my list. However I’m being smart about it. One of my groups had about 100 people in it and I talked to about 4-5 of them (the Kåren group), so I’m taking the opportunity to spring clean my list and get it down to a normal amount of people. So you might receive a authorization request from me, or just throw me a ICQ message. It’s hard to search for people, when you don’t remember their screen names….

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