Taking a pounding

As I have just installed a rather simple program to measure the amount of traffic the server gets (in MB), I got quite a shock this morning. As the server usually pushes somewhere about 8-20MB per hour, suddenly it’s receiving 250-300 MB of traffic per hour… Looking through the logs always gives you a hint, and yet again it’s sshd (remote terminal connection) that takes a beating with an break in attempt. The shear number of requests just keep pouring in, on the strangest of user names…

On other notes, I have this past weekend seen my first “phösare” for this years nolle-p. That is a sure sign that schools has started up again and is soon to be in full session. It also means that the campus is filled with 1000-1500 new students running around being confused. This however makes one feel a bit old 🙂 . Currently I’m just trying to hammer in some Fluid mechanics principals about the conservation of heat, mass and momentum. Sure is confusing sometimes…

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