A bit jumpy…

That’s what I am right now. My primary hard drive started to make some not so pleasant noises just a few minutes ago, and using the marvellous UBDC (Ultimate Boot CD) it found some damaged sectors on the drive. What makes me nervous is that on that primary harddrive I store both my windows installation, the image of my windows installation, all my documents etc. All things important. To say the least, I’m increasing the amount of data that is being passed to my external harddrive. I don’t want to spend another 3-4 days installing my computer, when I have a perfectly good image. I’m also looking into replacing my almost 6 year old drive, to say the least…

On the fun side of life: As I in september start work as a Research Trainee at LTU, I got to specify what computer I wanted.  It’s a brand new one (Dell, and not a laptop), but I got my most important wish with it. Dual 19″ screens. The base was a single 22″ wide screen, but I would rather have the dual setup than one large screen. Once you have been accustomed to a dual screen setup, it’s hard to use only one screen for “work”.

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