Off with their heads!

…or at least mine. Got a soar muscle this morning, and not in the arms that I expected it to be in. I got a soar neck muscle. You know the ones that lets you move your head around, or in my case the muscles that hinder my air filled head to float away. It was so bad that I had to lift my head with my hands just to get out of bed. So over the course of only a few hours, I’m now on my second treatment of liniment on the muscle and it’s still soar as hell. Can barely move my head around. I look like something of an old cinema robot. Static moves.

Today is also the first small quiz in a popularscience cours called The universe for the curius. It’s a fun approach to for non physics students to have a look at all the rules in physics. It’s quite entertaining, and the lecturer is a very funny man. So today I will see how well versed I’m with the basic of physics…

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