Need more hours!!!

Why are there only 24 hours on each day. I need about 10 more…. These are badly needed.

Compiled the mindboggling list tonight, and what a list. More than 25 unique things to do and I don’t know how to get it all done in those few hours that there is. Probably will have to start to drink more pepsi and tea to survive this…

Over this Black Op’s week I have had some gamenights with me hearties where we have played some wicked games. Got introduced to the totally insane game Munshkin, whitch is really far out there in terms of sanity. Also had a S&S(Sushi & Serenity) evening with M&L where I finally got my hair cut to an acceptable length. I really hate to have long hair…

Now the main thing for the next couple of days is to find courses for the fall, try to find a job for the summer and somehow have time for a life (yes it’s a strange thing that some people manage to have…) Also easter is this weekend, and I just have to refill my easter egg with the maximum of 2 kg of candy… It’s the principle of the thing. Eventhou I’m gunning for getting in shape untill Beach 2007….

Other interesting thing that happened today is that I broke my arms. Not the bone as such, but I couldn’t move them for about 2 hours. Got the stupid idea that I wanted to tire myself out (and test my limits) on a machine designed for pushing weights. I started at about 50kg, and when I couldn’t push that any more, I removed 10 kg and continued to push until I couldn’t push even 10 kg. Fine and dandy I thought, and then tried to pick up my flask to drink some water. This was a big mistake. My arms were limp… Could barely get myself dressed afterwards. So that a thing that I’m not doing again….

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