Someone’s mad at me…

…and that someone is my stomage…

Had a good day planned, some light reading, the gym, calm lunch, relaxing at the lab(it’s currently a rather easy lab), come home and eat a nice dinner and go to sleep. Well “the plan” was fucked up right after the gym. Got my timetable all fucked up by lunch.

At 13:05 my college while doing the labs calls me and says that I have a group at the lab waiting for me. After some confusion it was determined that it was my fault, that I had booked the lab time from 14:45 in my calendar, but the real time it started was 13:00. To make things worse (this is why the day got fucked up), I had just come home from a 2 hour workout at the gym and was quite hungry. I got the call about 5 seconds before I put the chicken in the pan, and pored preboild water onto the rice. Every thing was nice and hot, and I have to stop because of this. Nothing to be done just throw on the old workclothes and run to the lab, hungry as a hyena.

Started the lab, and got when we got a few minutes of I ran to the coffee mashine and got some black coffee. This turned down my hunger for the moment, but just untill I could manage to get home and almost swallow a banana whole.

Got some food (the prep work from my nonexistent lunch was still in the fridge), reboiled the water and put some heat on the skillet, and my lunner (lunch + dinner) was ready 30 minutes later. Now the coffee is making it’s way in all directions in my body and I spend the next 1 hour running to the bathroom.

So by the time I’m writing this, I’m kinda miffed. A well planned day all gone to waste!

Got a lecture at 08 tomorrow, so now it’s time for bed. Hopefully nothing will happen between now and lunch tomorrow to screw that day up…

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