So there is problems with wordpress…

Let this be a lesson to you all. I made an instinctive upgrade from WordPress 2.07 to 2.1, and since then I have experienced nothing but trouble with the integration with Gallery2 in this installation. Finally managed to work around it with replacing some new files with the old. It seems to be working for now…

So I haven’t posted anything in this category (for what should be my main category…), and this need to change. This will primarily be a picture post, so bare with me *smile*

Yesterday I took some pictures of the snow sculptures that were made last week for the winter festival arranged by StiL (student athletic organisation) here at the university, and they usually stay whole about one week. This mostly due to the fact of unsupervised 14-15 year old brat, who have nothing better to do than to destroy these things. So in a effort to save them I took pictures of them all. Some had already been destroyed, but not much. So here is a “monster” of snow

Spöke i närbild

Click to visit the album…

Also there are some updates to the gallery?

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