In the middle of nowhere…

To paraphrase: It’s been swell, but the swelling is gone. This week has been a non stop buffet of puzzles for the brain, where one of the larger were how to get my freakin’ Cyrus-IMAP/Sendmail server going. It’s has been a struggle from the very beginning and about 2 minutes ago I solved it! It’s a nice feeling, but there is probably a lot to look out for in the mail logs.

To sum this week up so far:

  • Monday: late laboratory untill 19:15. 19:30 throw myself into a taxi to go to Bishops Arms in downtown Luleå. There meet up with two of my closes friends for dinner and have a beer or two. 23:00 realize that I’m drunk on a monday…
  • Tuesday:  A disoriented lab, and some generally confused statments…
  • Wensday: A “name of the day”-dinner in my honnor. As this Wensday was valentines day, and my full name is Linus Sebastian Valentin Lejon Isaksson this had to be celebrated. A nice dinner with my friend Ewe and her friend Milla (Mikka on the T9 sms).
  • Thursday, early lab and then batteling it out with Sendmail. Spent the entire day on the console….

So that’s my week so far. Need to get some sleep soon as I have another early lab tomorrow, and this time we can do the analysis of the material as the equipment is complete again.

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