First lab done…

Today was my first day as a lab assistant. The experience was somewhat of an odd one. On one hand it’s a rather easy lab, but trying to anticipate all questions the students may have. The lab as such is quite a “wet” one, and there water is everywhere.

The lab as such went rather smoothly, but we did have some serious malfunctions on one old way to measure surface area. That was an experience to fix that. It’s so “old” that it works by pressure and leverage principals… Or as our supervisor said about it’s age:

About 6-7 years ago a student was baffled about how it works and asked the question: Where do you turn it on?

A legit question maybe, but it’s older than the invention called “computer”…

On the note of computers, I have had it with Internet Explorer and it’s idiosyncrasies with not following the xhtml+css  standards. Xhtml  run in stric mode works quite well, but to design gool looking websites in this mode then you have to have full support for CSS (both v1 and v2). The site looks good in both Firefox and Opera, but it looks like shit in IE and we are talking about IE7, relesed to my computer (swedish version), only a week ago. Seriously thinking about blocking all browsers identifying itself as IE. Rant over, off to bed!!!

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